What We Sell

We sell all grades of furnace-ready materials. The products we sell can be loose, shredded, or baled depending on customer requirements. We can handle volumes from 1-tonne all the way up to 20,000-tonne cargos. We can handle and ship on a FOB, CiF, CnF basis.

Furnace Ready Steel Scrap

We sell all grades of ferrous materials in loose, shredded and baled form. All materials we sell adhere to isri specifications.

Foundry Steel Scrap

We are able to provide customers with foundry ready steel scrap that is specific to requirements. Materials can range from 6-inch to 2-foot in size and are sold with an accurate chemical analysis.

Non-Ferrous Metals

We can supply all types of non-ferrous materials by road freight to both domestic and European markets, along with containerised shipments globally.


3B Frag/Shred



Steel Turnings

Foundry Cut Grades

Baled Steel Cans

Shredded Steel Cans

Clean Incinerator Scrap


Aluminium UBC Briquettes

Aluminium UBC Mill Size

Shred Armatures

Shredded Incinerated Armatures

All Zorba Grades


Taint Tabor (Baled & Shredded)

Incinerated Non-Ferrous

Incinerated Heavies